Geo-Resources Environment and Engineering, Book Series
Serial Editor: D.H. Steve Zou
, Professor, Dalhousie University
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This book series consist of Specialty Books and Conference Proceedings dedicated to development and use of geo-resources existing on the Planet Earth surface and in its crust (e.g., minerals, fossil fuels, renewable energies, water and land) that serve as the basis to support modern life, and to protection of the environment, including related engineering and technology. Individual books will also have their own ISBNs.

Coverage of Fields:
- Exploitation of raw materials (minerals and fossil fuels)
- Processing and utilization of materials
- Land use and engineering construction
- Water use and management
- Development of renewable energies
- Geohazards and environment Protection

Covered Topics:
- Theory and Practice
- Design and Analysis
- Experiments
and Methodology
- Simulation and Numerical Modeling
- Field Monitoring and Assessment
- Technology Advancement
- Case Studies, etc.

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Volume 1 (June 2017) - Proceedings of SDIMI2017,
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Z.X. Li, Z. Agioutantis and D.H. Steve Zou.
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