The following instructions can be used as a general guideline for preparation of manuscripts. However the format and layout may vary depending on the publication format of your choice. Click here to see what a printable e-book looks like.

Instructions for preparation of Book Manuscript

Manuscripts may be in English or Chinese (as well as Japanese and Korean ) in a standard format.

Software: Use MS Word (2003-2010) for text.

Page Layout: The page size may vary. For example, letter size is 8.5" x 11.0" (21.59 cm × 27.94 cm), leaving 1.0" (2.54 cm) margin on all sides of the text. All text should have single line spacing and in one column. Pages should be consecutively numbered. For more detail, please contact the publisher.

The title page should be aligned to the centre and include:

Line 1 - Title (bold, 14 point size)

Line 3 - Name(s) (First name and Family name in bold, 12 point size) of author(s)

Lines 4~6 - Addresses of all author(s), one line per affiliation in sequence

Next line – a logo/photo (optional)

Last line - Date of submission.

Main Text: The manuscript may include a Prepare and an Acknowledgement followed by Table of Content, List of Figures, List of Tables, and Abbreviations if necessary. The main body should be divided into chapters starting with Introduction / Background. Each chapter should have a heading (in bold and on a separate line) starting on a new page. References may be listed a References section at the end of the book or the end of each chapter.

Figures: Figures may be MS Word drawings and Excel charts, photos in TIFF or JPEG format. They must be high quality and numbered in sequence as they appear in the text. Labels must be legible and easy to read. A figure should be inserted immediately following the paragraph where it is first referred to. Figure caption should appear right below the figure.

Tables: All tables should be inserted immediately following the paragraph where it is first referred to and numbered in sequence as they appear in the text. Table caption should appear right above the table.

Font, Size and Alignment: All text should be Times New Roman in 12 point size and flushed to both sides, except for the title page.

References: All references should be cited in the text by a number in superscript and in brackets, such as (1, 2). All references are to be listed in the last reference section in numerical order, one per item. Each list should have names of authors, year of publication, article title, source of reference (e.g., for journals - journal name, volume number and page numbers; for conference proceedings - conference name, location and month/year held, publisher's name, volume number and page numbers; for books - publisher's name and city, and number of pages). See examples below for more detail:

Smith, D., 2015. The theory of landslide. Int'l J of Geohazards, 11(2), pp: 64 - 70.

Smith, D. and J.R. Jackson, 2016. The sinkhole case in Florida. 3rd Int'l conf. of Mine Hazards, Qingdao, China, July/2016, Canamaple Academia Services, pp: 145 - 250.

Smith, D., K.T. Samson and J.R. Jackson, 2005. Circular solutions, 2nd Ed. Canamaple Academia Services, Halifax, 250p.