Technical English Editing and Writing Services

Our services are aimed at improving the quality of journal manuscripts and books so as to meet the international publishing standards and to increase the chance of acceptance. Canamaple Academia Services has teamed up with professionals to provide high quality English editing and technical writing services. Only highly qualified professionals with scientific editing/writing experience are recruited. We provide high quality services and ensure all works meet the publishing requirements of our publications (IJGE, GREE, books, etc).


Advanced English Editing (AEE)

Advanced Technical Writing and Editing (ATWE)


- to ensure smooth flow, ease of reading and clear statements.
- to increase the chance of acceptance by the target journal.
- to ensure smooth flow, ease of reading and clear statements
- to improve writing and presentation (materials organization, clarity and accuracy) of the content so as to meet the standard.
- to increase the chance of acceptance by the target journal.


- proper use of words and punctuation for correctness and consistency
- spelling check
- grammar check
- proper use of phrases, clauses, articles and tenses
- proper sentence structure (subject, verb and object)
- clarity and meaningfulness
- compliance of journal formatting
 - properly referencing (format, consistency and completeness).
- English editing as on the left

- check of technical terminology
- revision to improve smooth logic flow, clarity and accuracy of statements.

It may also include, if necessary:
 - alteration of sentence structure and tense
- addition or removal of clauses and sentences
- reorganization of contents and presentation style
 - modification of writing (sentences, paragraphs and sections)
- (suggested) modification of figures/tables.


an adequately improved manuscript ready for submission to the target journal.

an improved, well-organized and well-written manuscript ready for submission to the target journal.

Service professional and their Qualifications

an editing professional:

a) a native English speaker with a university degree and scientific editing / writing experience,          or
b) a person earned a degree in an English university, worked in an English academic environment at least 5 years with a tracking record of publication / editing.

a technical writing professional:

- with skills of a) or b) as an editing professional  and
- technical expertise in the relevant fields through university education and academic research.
    - The AEE service is only intended to improve the writing and make a manuscript better, but not to re-write an unreadable manuscript. There is a free for the service starting at US$299 for up to 8 pages (equivalent 400 words per page). Depending on the original writing quality, extra charge may apply.
   - If a manuscript requires revision in writing, premium service (
ATWE) will be required and a premium service fee will apply. An estimate of cost will be quoted in advance. This service requires interaction with authors to clarify issues and check accuracy.
    Please contact us for detail.