Canamaple Academia Services
  - A full service Canadian publishing company (
operating from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
  Scholars' Publishing, for Scholars, Helping Scholars !
  • Academic journals
  • Conference / symposium proceedings
  • Books and book series
  • series of organizations and societies
  • and a lot more.
All journals will have ISSNs and all proceedings and books will have ISBNs. All digital publications have DOIs with digital archiving in Libraries & Archives Canada.
    We provide customized services to
meet individual needs.
If you have any publication needs, please contact us.

For the convenience of authors, we have also teamed up with professionals to provide high quality editing services:
We ensure all of our works meet the publishing requirements (IJGE, GREE, books, etc).
    - Advanced English Editing - primarily to improve English language and increase the chance of acceptance of the work
    - Advanced Technical Writing and Editing - including English editing and technical writing to raise the quality of the work and to increase its chance of acceptance.