Publication Ethics

Canamaple Academia Services (Camdemia) does not encourage research misconduct, nor knowingly allow such misconduct to take place and requires all parties involved in the act of publishing: the authors, the peer reviewers, the editors, and the publisher, to be honest and fair, to hold a high standard in publishing and to follow the practice guideline as outlined in the Minimum Expectations for Publication Ethics.

Malpractice Policy

For authors, if
there is an evidence or a reasonable belief of violation of Camdemia's publication policies and the related Terms and Conditions, the manuscript will be
automatically rejected. If such violation is disclosed voluntarily by authors themselves after a paper has already been published in a journal or conference proceedings, a correction article may be published for minor violations. In other cases, the published paper will be retracted from the publication list with a notice to the public on the relevant website stating "this paper has been removed from the journal due to violation to our publication policies". In a severe case, the authors' names may also be revealed.
    For anyone involved in reviewing, editing and publishing, if there is evidence or reasonable belief of violation of our publication policies, the individual will be subject to disciplinary actions, from warning to suspension or removal, depending on the situation.